The Fund

A fund for investing in all economic cycles

“Many of us seem to have a have a sense for what is coming. Based on years of research and identified cycles,

I believe I have more than a sense.

I will position this fund around what I consider to be the strongest demographic trends around the world.

It is the future we must look to. I hope you might join me in the journey!”

Harry S. Dent, Jr

A focus on the future

Launched in October 2020 by Chief Executive Officer Andrew Stewart, and run by the current investment team since inception, the Fund is a global macro fund manager with a team who are passionate about investing.

As a global macro fund, we focus on the macroeconomic environment; which often concentrates on equities or major interest rate moves on an international scale.

Most quantitative global macro funds trading or investment approaches fall into one of two categories: those that use Relative Value strategies (strategies that capitalise on predictable pricing relationships), and those that use Directional Value strategies (strategies that are typically built on trend-following or other pattern-based paths suggestive of upward or downward momentum). The Dent Sector Fund can be both relative value or directional value.

The investment team always applies a disciplined investment approach and are very much aware of the correlation between assets in the portfolio.

The Fund is an Australian domiciled registered managed investment scheme suitable for retail and wholesale investors with a medium to long-term investment horizon.

How to invest?

Should you need a step by step guide to assist you in completing the application process, please click here.

Start by reading the PDS here.

You can apply here.

Who can invest?

There are no restrictions on investor types: trustees, companies, individuals and others can invest. For the moment though, this fund is only available in Australia and New Zealand. We are working towards a fund that is available to investors in other countries.

Our goal is to make this fund, like the future, for everyone.